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815 Grooming

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815 Grooming Salon


Why should I try 815 Grooming?

  • Grooming is not a licensed profession, however, both groomers hold AKC SAFE certifications. This means we are going above and beyond to show that we care about the safety of pets in our care.
  • We take one pet or one family, per groomer, at a time. This means that we can give your pet(s) the full attention they deserve, they are not kenneled for hours and they will not be playing with other pets. (Please see Our Salon Policy page for more information on why we do not have a free roaming salon)


How will my pets appointment go?

  • The first visit we ask to see vaccination records, go over health issues and discuss haircut preference.
  • Haircuts depend on the current coat condition, the upkeep desired and how frequent grooming takes place. 
  • The bathing process consists of  a soothing warm bath with a shampoo and leave in conditioner specific to your dogs needs, proper blow dry, brush out, ear cleaning, ear plucking (upon request), nails trimmed, anal glands expressed if necessary or upon request (during bath).
  • After the bath we will give the desired haircut, bows or bandana and a finishing sent.


Wow! That sounds awesome! How do I make my appointment?

Please call or text:

  • Ashley (815) 262-3375 (baths, haircuts, nail trims, cats)
  • Rachel (815) 494-9975 (baths, haircuts, dog/cat nails)
  • Mikayla (815) 519-8846 (baths, nail trims)

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We love caring for pets! Contact us to set up a meet and greet or to schedule our pet services. 

815 Grooming

7973 Forest Hills Road Loves Park, IL 61111

Ashley (815) 262-3375 Rachel (815) 494-9975 Mikayla (815) 519-8846


We are currently by appointment only but are very flexible