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About Rachel



I started out my grooming career in March 2015 at a corporate salon as something fun to do, but along the way, I fell in love with the career and lifestyle. I wanted to further develop myself as a groomer, which led me to find my home at 815 Grooming!



I have my own personal zoo that I adore more than anything! Kuzco Loki (4 year old agouti husky), Apollo Lumos and Artemis Luna (twin tuxedo kittens), Baymax Lil (youngest, sneakiest kitten), and Baby Frank the Tank Junior (bearded dragon).



When I'm not spending time pampering pooches, I love to curl up with a book and read until I have collected the majority of my zoo around me!



Beau my golden retriever puppy just got his first taste of a groomer and did very well he looks great! “Beau is my name playin in dirt is my game. I went to get handsome with Rachel and I can’t tell my mom enough about her  I wuv her. I can’t wait til I get to see her again”


Rachel took very good care of Pippin and made him look (and smell 😀) amazing! Also, the atmosphere was perfect for a timid little pup.


So glad we found Rachel! Crockett loves his first haircut. He looks absolutely perfect!

Sadie & Easton

She does such a great job with both our dogs, Sadie and Easton. I was impressed today with how she handled Easton. He was giving her a little attitude when she got there by barking and growling at her. She was able to get him calmed down enough that she was able to even get his teeth cleaned.


Rachel does such a fantastic job that a few very short hours of Cypress diving into the ponds and practically dragging himself through dirt - he’s ready to be cuddled again, more cuddle-able than ever if i’m being honest. Thanks to her I’ve never felt more comfortable and respected at a dog grooming place. Shes extremely professional but also knows how to make sure you’re having fun too. Fantastic conversationalist, kind, super easy to work with, and the quality of her work is to die for!


My dog normally has a hard time getting groomed, but the home-like atmosphere of 815 Grooming and Rachel’s calming technique made Roxie feel at home. Will definitely be coming back